Steviocal Zero Calorie Sweetener – 100 Tablets


Steviocal Zero Calorie Sweetener – 100 Tablets


Stevi0cal pellets are here to make your drinks sweeter than ever! A smart packing that can fit in even the shapeliest of business suits and keep your handbags light accompanied by an easy-to-dissolve convenience; Stevi0cal Pellets make your tea and coffee experience smooth, tasteful and healthy.



100% Natural

No Artificial Ingredients

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Stevi0cal Stevia leaf best natural zero calorie sweetener

Product Description

Stevi0cal ‘Naturally Sweet’ Stevia Sweetener is India’s first zero-calorie sweetener, zero-carbohydrate, non-glycaemic response sweetener. Stevi0cal stevia sugar free tablet pellets are easy to carry for your travel needs and anytime use.

– ‘0’ Calorie
– Great Taste
– 100% Natural Sweetener
– Health Enhancing Properties
– Purest Form of Stevia used

Product Features
Non GM and Gluten Free Ingredients used, 1 Stevi0cal Pellet is equivalent in sweetness to 1 teaspoon of sugar. Only the best tasting and highly purified extract of Stevia leaves used in all the Stevi0cal products.

Weight Loss & Diabetic Management
Stevi0cal has no calories, contains no sugar which makes it attractive for dieters, and is an ideal sweetener for diabetics.

Great Taste
Stevi0cal Natural Sweetener is natural and versatile, that provides sweetness along with a distinct natural flavor which is something everyone can enjoy.
Stevi0cal products are refreshingly uncomplicated. If you’re looking to sweeten up your beverages  look no further — our products have the answer, choose the natural sweetness.

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Stevia leaf best stevia sweetener

What People Are Saying About Stevi0cal

Stevi0cal Stevia leaf best zero calorie sweetener

"Great Product"


“I’d been thinking of switching to stevia for a very long time and I finally found this great product to add sweetness to my life without compromising on my wellness.”

Ashutosh Sharma


"Loved It"


“Good price for a good cup of coffee in a pinch. If you travel often or want to keep a ready stash for times when you are unable to prepare a cup and want an option without sugar, go for it.”

Sherin Agrawal

Serial Chiller

"Too Good"


“I got this product for my mother. This is her favorite brand. I am using this product since past one year. Very useful and best among others available in the market.”

Nidhi Singh

Amazon Verified Customer

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Stevia leaf best stevia sweetener
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