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Stevia leaf best stevia sweetener

You may have tasted a number of stevia products but you never ever find a product like Stevi0cal. Stevi0cal offers you a new sense to taste the nature with an aroma of flavor. We provide you the stevia natural sweetener to replace the high calorie containing table sugar from you kitchen.

See the benefits of Stevi0cal’s stevia ingredient and say bye to the normal table sugar:


Stevi0cal Sachets

Stevi0cal Granules 

2 tablespoon (10gm)

1 sachet

1 gram

1/4 cup

6 sachets 

1/8 Cup

1/3 cup

8 sachets

1/6 cup

1/2 cup

11 sachets

1/4 Cup

3/4 cup

17 sachets 

12 tablespoons

1 cup 

22 sachets

1/2 cup

2 cups

44 sachets

1 cup

Note: Stevi0cal sachets are 1 gram each. Quantities mentioned are an approximation, and can vary depending on recipe or taste.

Stevi0cal Stevia leaf best natural zero calorie sweetener

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Stevi0cal products are refreshing and pleasant tasting. If you’re looking to sweeten up your tea coffee or your recipe, look no further — our products are the answer. They can be used to add natural sweetness to your mouth watering recipes, hot and cold beverages. This single herb can boost you in multiple ways by providing you multiple benefits. Start your day with the sweetness of stevia and end your day by swallowing the sweetness.

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Stevia leaf best stevia sweetener
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