How Can Stevia Help You Manage Your Blood Sugar Levels?

In today’s world, blood sugar level management has become crucial for maintaining good health. Unfortunately, high blood sugar levels can lead to several health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Fortunately, natural sweeteners like Stevia can help people manage their blood sugar levels without compromising taste. Here, we’ll see how you can use Stevia …

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Stevia: The Most Sustainable Form of Sweetener

When it comes to sweeteners, most people think of sugar or artificial sweeteners like aspartame or sucralose. However, a lesser-known natural sweetener, stevia, has recently gained popularity.  Stevia is a sweetener known for its zero-calorie content and natural sweetness. It’s not only a healthy alternative to sugar but also the most sustainable form of sweetener …

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Understanding The Benefits of Stevi0cal Stevia Sweetener

As you all know, people have become more health conscious nowadays, even more after the pandemic. Consumers have redefined health and well-being for themselves.  Talking about Indian consumers, around 85% of them are looking to cut down on their sugar consumption. And 78% of Indians are looking to cut down on artificial sweeteners. That’s why …

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Stevia 101: Everything You Need to Know About Stevia.

Stevia is a natural, zero calorie sweetener that is extracted from the leaves of the Stevia plant. While there are nearly 240 varieties of the stevia plant, the one that is used to make stevia-based sweeteners is called the Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni plant, sometimes referred to as sweet leaf.

What makes stevia sweeteners unique is that they are 200 to 350 times sweeter than sugar but have zero calories. This very fact entitles stevia-based sweeteners to be called the healthiest sugar replacement options.

Stevia has a multitude of characteristics that qualify it as the best natural sweetener. Some of these characteristics are listed below:

100% Natural Sweetener
Zero Calories
Zero Carbohydrates
Zero Glycemic Index

This means that stevia can be incorporated into many recipes without increasing the number of carbohydrates. Studies have shown that it can help with blood pressure levels and even weight loss when combined with other lifestyle changes. For this reason, it has been embraced by the health conscious community as a healthy alternative to artificial sweeteners and sugar.

As more and more people are switching to a healthier lifestyle, stevia-based sweeteners are gaining popularity as a natural sweetener and a zero-calorie sugar alternative.

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